AND OSM Pro Tile Server Solution Summary

  • Standard set up 
    • Offers the same mapping experience as the free OSM Tile Service
    • Includes satellite tile images for the Netherlands and Flanders
    • Provides the option to use AND proprietary data
    • Includes several map styling solutions including fast display
    • Very fast display of maps tiles
    • Flat monthly fee includes up to 1 TByte of bandwidth usage
    • Data is updated at least twice a year further to AND quality test assurance
  • Options
    • Visualization of AND proprietary map data
    • Customizable style and layers
    • On premise installation
    • AND can provide example code to implement on Leaflet technology

Pre-requisite to implement the AND OSM Pro Tile Solution

  • The application must support Slippy Map Tiles URLs

AND OSM TileServer implementation examples



AND Proprietary Digital Maps



Technical information about AND OSM Pro Tile Service

  • Coverage: Same as OSM, current status based on OSM data from August 2019
  • Minimum typical server performance 1,800 tiles per minute
  • Dedicated AND server with high availability
  • Data runs on AWS server in Europe (Ireland), managed by AND IT

Setup process

  • After you sign the contract, you should receive an email with the specific URL within 3 working days for standard service.

Why is it faster than OSM free service?

  • Dedicated server for tile service only
  • Specific AND optimization for tile creation and data retrieval
  • Smart Tile process, specific selection of pre-tiled areas to increase speed
  • No limit on number of tiles and bandwidth
  • Tile server service runs on Cloud architecture

What technology is used by AND?

  • AND developed in-house software for specific performance and service improvements.

Purchase the AND Map Tile service

AND offers a simple price model developers can select from. Based on your demand, Select our Starter, Advanced or Pro service.

This is a  “flat fee model”, which means that you can consume as many tiles as you want during the month up to the  limit of your selected shirt size.

We provide a 14 day free trial for the Pro Version,which is available via the free trial request.

To cancel please contact our support desk. Payments go through our payment provider Stripe. Subscriptions will renew automatically if they are not cancelled.


Please send us an email to to proceed.