We are constantly expanding our suite of APIs. See below the list of those available today. With our unique T-shirt size “all you can eat” subscription model, you can start using those APIs today in just a few clicks and keep your costs under control.

AND Geocoder API

Using AND Digital Map as a basis and our GeoCoding technology, the Geocoder API has two options: the regular address to GPS coordinates function and the reverse look-up whereby GPS coordinates are translated to an address.


AND Administrative Boundaries API

Our Administrative Boundaries are accurate representations of the administrative levels within a country. These can be part of the solution for: geo-locating, turn-by-turn navigation, routing, geofencing, local search, GIS analysis, geotagging and track & trace.

This API offers one option, the reverse look-up whereby the input or set of GPS coordinates can be translated into information regarding the administrative area to which the coordinates belong to.